Used Car Sales: 4 Things To Inspect Inside The Car

While car dealerships usually provide certified pre-owned cars that have already gone through inspections, you should also do your own inspection. Used cars can be in great condition, but there are some things you need to check first. This includes taking a thorough look inside the car, including checking the following four things.

The Interior

When you first get inside the car, take a look at the interior. Don't just glance at it but really have a good look. Inspect the dashboard, look inside the glove box, and check all the cup holders and various other elements. Look at all the floors, inside all of the doors, and at all the seats. Also take time looking at all back seats and inside the trunk. These are areas of a car people often forget to check, and you might have missed a large rip in the back seat or excessive wearing of the floor of the trunk.

The Odometer

While you are looking at the dashboard, don't forget to glance at the odometer. Even though the dealership, like Western Avenue Nissan, will provide you with the mileage, be sure you take a look at it yourself. Believe it or not, it is easy to forget such an important aspect of a car when you are excited about taking it for a test drive. Having a lot of miles on a car doesn't necessarily mean it won't be in good condition, but it does tell you how much wear and tear there might be on the car. Take the mileage into consideration when deciding if the dealership is offering you a fair price.

The Heat and Air Conditioning

When you start up the car to get ready for your test drive, make sure everything is working, including the air conditioner and heater. Turn the heat on first and make sure it turns on, checking that heat comes from all the appropriate vents. Also time how long it takes for the car to heat up and pay attention to any weird smells or sounds. When you have tested the heat, switch it to the air conditioner and do the same type of inspection for the air conditioner. Also check the mechanical aspects of the air conditioning system including hoses and pipes.

The Brakes

One of the most important things to pay attention to during the test drive is the brakes. This is an important part of the car inside inspection. You want to test the brake pedal and make sure it works after you have taken a good look at them to look for wear and tear on the pedals. Try using the brake pedal at different speeds, where you step lightly on the brakes, and when you need to press hard and fast on the brakes. You want them to work for ordinary, daily driving as well as stop the car quickly if there is an urgent situation while on the road.