Used Cars—Pro Tips For The Ultimate Test Drives

Whether you're looking to buy a sports car or a fuel-efficient sedan, test drives are your ticket to the ultimate used car investment. You can handle them like a pro if you take the following measures.

Make Sure It's Comfortable 

You want a used car that's dependable and affordable, but it also needs to be comfortable to drive. That is particularly true if you must travel long distances for a work commute.

There are several comfort factors to review when test-driving used cars from a dealership. Start with seat comfort. Are the materials to your liking and does the shape of the driver seat work well for your physical makeup?

If so, move on to the available space on the interior. How much room do you have to work with? Interior space is a feature that varies from car to car, but if you take your time during each test drive, you can gain a clear picture of what's offered.  

Verify Important Safety Aspects

The safety of the used car you buy is even more important than comfort. You don't want to take any chances because the road can be chaotic. As long as you pay attention to particular safety features during each test drive, you can buy a used car that decreases your likelihood of getting into a wreck. 

How the used car handles in different conditions is critical to assess. The tires should provide plenty of traction, and you should feel confident behind the wheel the entire time. You might also look for used cars with advanced safety features, including lane departure warnings and auto emergency stops. 

Make Notes on Your Phone After Each Test Drive

You might decide to test a couple of used cars from the same dealership. So that you keep track of each assessment, take notes using your smartphone. After each test drive, you can write down your first impressions. They might deal with how the used car handles, features you thought were excellent, and how impressed you were with the overall visuals. These notes make it easy to recall each test drive and select a good car.

Used cars are readily available today, which is excellent news if you want to buy one to save some money. If you handle each test drive just as methodically as the next, you'll collect valuable data and then have no issues selecting a used car from a dealership with ample confidence.

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