Sell Your Old Car That Doesn't Run Or Is Wrecked To A Junk Car Buyer

If you have an old car that's sitting on your driveway, but it has mechanical problems or it's been wrecked, talk to a junk car buyer to see what they'll offer for your car. There's no obligation to sell it once they've given you a price, so it doesn't hurt to see what your car is worth. Here's why selling to a junk car buyer is a good idea. 

Get A Junk Car Hauled Off At No Charge

You may not know what to do about your car if it doesn't run. Towing it to a junkyard will cost money if you don't sell the car. A junk car buyer not only pays you for the car, but they'll also tow it away, so you won't have to deal with the expense of towing or wondering what you'll do with your car. Some cities have codes against junk cars sitting in your driveway. Plus, your neighbors might start to complain about it after a while. If your car doesn't run and you don't want to invest money in fixing it, then selling it is a good idea even if you don't get a lot of money for it. At least you'll get it out of your driveway.

Get A Fair Price For A Newer Junk Car

If your car doesn't run or it's been wrecked, it's not worth anywhere near what it would be worth if it was in good condition. However, junk car buyers offer different prices for cars. Newer cars are usually worth more than old ones. The buyer might pay for the value of the metal, or they might consider the parts and how in demand the parts are for your car model. A newer car may be worth more than just the value of the metal, and you might be surprised at how much you'll get. That could be a better alternative than sinking money into repairs, especially if you can't afford to get work done on your car.

Eliminate Problems With A Junk Car

A junk car on your property can be a headache. Besides neighbors complaining, a junk car can attract mice and rats in the winter. Plus, a car that's wrecked is a hazard. Someone might get cut on sharp metal. You'll probably need to keep a current plate on the car, and that means ongoing expenses. Your state might even require you to keep the insurance on the car current even if it doesn't run. Rather than keep paying for a car you don't use, sell it to a junk car buyer and get rid of the annoyance of a junk car on your property.

For more info, contact a local junk car buyer.