The Motorcyle Revamped: How Several Different Styles Of Motorcycles Allow You To Ride

Once, motorcycle sales only consisted of bikes of the two-wheeled variety, with the occasional sidecar for a passenger. In the last ten years, to encourage more people to buy and ride motorcycles, motorcycle manufacturers have redesigned them to be more user-friendly to everyone who may have been afraid to ride a two-wheeled version. Here are several examples of the newer motorcycle styles for sale, that you might find at a dealership like Canyon Honda, and why you may want to reconsider owning one.

The Scooter/Moped That Is Technically a Motorcycle

Scooters and mopeds that have large gas tanks are technically categorized as motorcycles, even if they do not remotely resemble a motorcycle. If you buy a scooter or moped that is categorized and licensed as a motorcycle, you will also need a motorcyclist's license to drive it. These scooters and mopeds are able to go faster and farther than their electric cousins or the scooters/mopeds that have much smaller gas tanks. Although you would still be on two wheels, you are much closer to the ground and you do not feel like you are riding a motorcycle at all, which seems to be an important deciding factor for many people that are afraid of motorcycles.

The Forward or Backward Trike

Three wheels are always steadier than two, and when you choose to purchase and ride an adult motortrike you do not have to balance or worry about tipping over. The forward version has one wheel up front and two wheels in the back, while the backward version has two wheels up front and one wheel in back. The forward version allows you to make tighter turns around corners, but the backward version makes it almost impossible to flip the trike in a head-on collision. Both have their positive features and negative drawbacks, but taking one of each out for a test drive will give you a good idea about which one you would rather drive.

The Quadriped

If you are truly terrified about not having enough wheels under you, being able to balance the bike, etc., then the quadriped motorcycle is probably the right one for you. This bike has two wheels up front and two wheels behind--it is similar to driving a car with a smaller engine and no car body. People who enjoy the open feeling of being on a motorcycle but want that steady, all-four-tires-on-the-road sensation prefer the quadriped motorcycle to any other bike. It also affords you lots of extra trunk space, and the ability to tow a small trailer, like an ATV.