Repairing Safety Features On Your Subaru: What To Expect

Safety features, like air bags and rear view dash cams, are fast becoming standard equipment on most vehicles. However, these safety features can break down and require repairs just like any other component on your vehicle. If you need a safety feature on your Subaru repaired, here is what you can expect with each safety feature.

Driver Assist Technology/Brakes Do Not  Engage

Driver assist technology is a great safety feature to have. It "sees" several feet ahead, adapts the cruise control on your vehicle to match the traffic around your vehicle, and applies the brakes when you need to apply the brakes (sometimes before you are even aware that you should). If your brakes do not engage, you should be ready to stop at a moment's notice to avoid an accident. Then you should schedule a repair appointment to have this technology in your vehicle checked out. Sometimes the repair can be as simple as a blocked sensor or the wires from the sensors and onboard computer to the brakes are not connected or functioning.

Air Bags Do Not Inflate

Companies like Subaru occasionally have their issues with air bags that do not inflate. Since air bags are just a secondary safety precaution and not one that should replace your seat belt, it is not a crisis if you are in a minor accident and the bag does not inflate. However, you should still get the air bag checked out because there have been recalls on certain models and makes of cars that have experienced this problem. In the event of a major accident, you would not want to be without your air bag because it can decrease the seriousness of your injuries.

On-Board Satellite Security System 

Your on-board satellite security system is meant to protect you and your car when it has been stolen and is out of your sight. If you find that you cannot connect with the security company via the push-button connection, or the conversation is one-sided (e.g. you can hear the operator but the operator cannot hear you or vice-versa), then you might want to have a dealership mechanic take a look. It may be faulty wiring, a computer chip issue or direct damage to the system's computer/interface. Interference with the satellite transmission is rare, but that could also be the source of some of your troubles. The mechanic, such as at Roos Only, can run a diagnostic check to make sure the wiring and connections inside the car are all functioning.