Why Is the Airbag Light for the Automobile On?

One of the lights on your dash is the airbag light. It may be the "SRS" light, and the airbags it represents could make all the difference in an accident. Here are the most common reasons for the airbag light to come on when you're driving.

Lack of Deployment

While searching for the exact reason the light is on, it's important to understand what the light being on means. If the light is on, your airbags won't deploy if you're involved in an accident, as it indicates there is a problem with them and that it won't be safe for them to deploy. Deploying malfunctioning airbags could cause you more harm during an accident.

The only time you will not need to worry is when you initially turn your engine on. All the lights on the dash will alight to test the system and then turn off. The only light you should see left on is the one for the parking brake, if you have put it on.

Interference with the Seat-Belt Switch

If the car doesn't notice that the seat belts are fastened properly, there is a chance that the SRS light will be triggered accidentally. Check that the seat-belt switch is working. The problem could be something as simple as something caught in the buckle or the belt not being fully fastened—did you hear that click? Even if you hear the click, get the seat belts checked, as the computer in the car may not have detected this.

The Car Battery Is Draining

When the car battery doesn't have enough power, it will take power from sections of the car that aren't essential to run. This often means the battery takes power from the security and safety features, like the airbags. If you have noticed issues with the battery in the recent past, get it recharged or replaced. You may see the airbag light instantly turn off.

The Clockspring Is Damaged

The clockspring is that circuit band connecting the steering wheel, electrical system, and horn. If the clock spring starts to deteriorate, it will cause a fault with the airbags, and the light will come on. The positioning of the spring does make it susceptible to moisture damage, more than many other parts. According to Angie's List, the replacement of the clockspring will cost between $250 and $350, but the clockspring is a crucial part worth replacing right away.

When your airbag light comes on, it is important to get it checked as soon as possible. The problem could be a fault with the airbags or other parts of the car. Continually driving with the light on could be extremely dangerous in the event of a crash. If your airbag light is on, take your car to a professional such as Benchmark Motors INC as soon as possible.