Important Phrases To Look For When You Shop For A Used Car

Shopping for a used car at a dealer like Airport Auto RV Pawn & Sales presents some different challenges than browsing the new car market, but with the right approach and enough time invested, you'll be able to find the ride that suits your intended use, your budget, and even your personal style. It's a good practice to carefully read the description of each used car you're considering. Typically, these listings will be featured online on each dealership's website, giving you a clear idea of the vehicle before you decide to visit the dealership in person to view the car and perhaps take it for a test drive. As you peruse these listings, look for these key phrases.

Single Owner

The message that a used car has only had one owner can be presented in different ways, but however it's written, this is good news for you. Vehicles that have only had one owner tend to be viewed more favorably; the premise is that if an owner plans to keep the vehicle for a long time, he or she is more apt to take proper care of it. Conversely, someone who buys a car but plans on trading it in before long may drive the vehicle aggressively and fail to properly maintain it. You may also occasionally see that a vehicle's sole owner was elderly; this implies that the person was a careful driver.

Stored During The Winter

You'll also occasionally see a message that indicates a used vehicle has been stored during the winter months, rather than driven. This phrasing is more common in areas that have a drastic difference in the weather between the summer and winter. It's ideal to find a car that hasn't been on the roads during the winter. In this scenario, you can expect that the underbody and body panels of the vehicle haven't been exposed to road salt, which can prematurely age the vehicle.

No Accidents

While it's true that you can buy a used car that was previously in a fender bender and have no problems with it, you're better off looking for listings that indicate a given vehicle has never been in an accident. This wording not only implies that the body of the car is in ideal condition, but also that there are no unseen issues, such as damage to the frame of the vehicle or alignment problems with the front end. If you can find a used vehicle with a listing that mentions each of these traits, you're well on your way to finding the right used car for you.