Why You Should Work With A Dealer When Buying A Semi-Truck Trailer

Getting into the trucking business as your own owner of a semi-truck can be lucrative. It can take some time to get the right truck and the amount of business you need to make a good living, but once those two things are done it's possible to make big money. Getting a semi trailer can be expensive, but that doesn't mean you can't buy one. This is true even with credit issues. There are three ways a semi trailer dealer can help you get what you need.

Pre-Approval and Financing Options

Some people looking to buy a semi trailer get a business loan because they will be driving as an independent trucking business. These loans can be challenging without collateral or good credit. If you are an experienced trucker, however, a dealership will usually be able to help you with financing. Large dealerships are able to offer their own financing if they can't get a bank to back your loan. You may pay a slightly higher rate, but you'll be able to get the truck and trailer you need to get going.

Warranties Are Available 

As a business owner of a semi truck, that is your entire business. Dealerships selling semis realize the risks of the road, and they have many different warranty options. For new semi trucks, there are manufacturer backed warranties for the trailer and the truck, and these cover all the major parts and components. For used semi trailers, the warranty is often provided directly by the dealership. They check each used truck and trailer for mechanical issues and verify it is fully ready to drive. Purchasing a warranty through a dealer will make sure any major repairs are covered, and that makes it less likely you'll be stuck footing a massive bill if your truck has a major breakdown.

Dealers Offer Servicing

Perhaps one of the most important services a dealership will offer you is servicing. Some services come included with new purchases. The free services are usually routine maintenance needs. This can help you save on business expenses, which are going to primarily be maintenance with a big semi. With how many miles your truck will be driving, it's good to have a dealership with a full service center that regularly checks your truck. Developing a history of maintenance with one service center will make it easier to diagnose problems. Many dealerships will offer discounts to truckers who have a contract for regular service throughout the year.

Getting started with your business is going to be much easier with professionals at a dealership who know how to get you into the perfect truck. By using that same dealer to maintain your truck, you will keep your business working smoothly, and you'll save money.

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